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  1. More on using Exim with Zarafa

    Sa 29 September 2012
    By tdk

    In my last post I was talking about how to get Exim to replace postfix in a Zarafa-Setup. In my example a node would deliver mail for another node via lmtp directly to the zarafa-dagent on the target node and therefore had to queue it until the other side was …

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  2. Using Exim with Zarafa

    So 01 April 2012
    By tdk

    Zarafa normaly uses postfix as its MTA. Since I know Exim much better and regard it overall as the better MTA I want to replace postfix with Exim in my installations. This is my take on it.

    First of all set several macros in your exim4.conf. This way your …

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  3. Fangoria 2010 - Machine

    Di 07 September 2010
    By tdk


    Und hier nochmal mit Blick hinter die Kulissen:

    Via Martin

    20.10.2010 Update: Ich hatte bei youtube einen Kommentar hinterlassen und habe gerade gesehen, dass die Jungs geantwortet haben.

    Awesome! I would really like to know how much time it took you to create all this.

    It took …

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  4. sxgreplog

    Mi 27 Mai 2009
    By tdk

    I take care of a few Scalix installations and one of the things that are a bit unusual, is the fact that the audit log and the event log each show a multiline block of text per event rather than just a single line. Using grep to search for every …

  5. Lets talk about git

    Di 28 April 2009
    By tdk

    Linus Torvalds erzählt in einem google Tech-Talk über git und DVCS im Allgemeinen. Selbst wenn man sich nicht sonderlich für git interessiert, ist der Talk sehenswert, weil sehr unterhaltsam. Es hilft natürlich ein Nerd zu sein, um diesen Vortrag unterhaltsam zu finden.

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