Laptop Bag

Initialy I just wanted to make a simple cover for a laptop from a giveaway bag (“Turnbeutel”). Then I thought that I could use the zipper from an wind breaker jacket that I kept for parts. Then I thought that I could use the frabric from the bag as the inner lining, and the fabric from the jacket as the outer shell Then I thought that I could put some foam sheets that I kept ‘cause I thought I will have some use for them eventually between the layers. Of course all these great ideas came step by step while I was already doing the stuff I deemd to be “the plan” before the next great idea came. So I ripped apart a giveway bag and an old jacket of mine, reused the fabric and a zipper and made a laptop bag from those parts.

And in between I made a little container to put the cut of threads in. Of course from scaps too.

Great learning experience and a great project. I also love that I could make it completely from reused materials.