New old Singer 328K

Got a “new” sewing machine. A Singer 328K. That thing is older than I am! I found it on ebay for 40€ and after I got this one I saw a Singer 327K localy for 35€ and got that one too ‘cause it was a steal!

The two machines are almost identical. Thats why I thought to get the 327K at least as a parts machine. They both can do straight and zig-zag stitching. The difference is, that the 328K can do other stitches too by using different pattern discs. The discs are put in through a convenient hatch in the top cover plate. The 327K does not have that hatch, but has the very same mechanism with the zig-zag disc already build in. If you just loosened the two screws that hold the top cover plate and lift that off, you can just change the pattern disc as well.

Fun Fact: The “K” in the name indicates that they where made in Singers Kilbowie plant in Scotland.

The cable to the foot pedal evidently was repaired once and way to short, so I replaced that for a new one.

I also changed the old incandescent bulb to an LED bulb. You just need to get one with a B15D socket. Of course a bit of cleaning and thorough oiling and greasing was necessary and I changed the rubber ring for the bobbin winding aparatus and the rubber feet, which all where rock hard and in case of the feet completely shot. Of course the same goes for the 327K.

Since I often need to give the handwheel an initial nudge I think a new belt is in order.