1. More on using Exim with Zarafa

    Sa 29 September 2012
    By tdk

    In my last post I was talking about how to get Exim to replace postfix in a Zarafa-Setup. In my example a node would deliver mail for another node via lmtp directly to the zarafa-dagent on the target node and therefore had to queue it until the other side was willing and able to receive it. Of course that was not a problem in my testsetup with its ocasional testmail. But in a recent conversation with Michael Kromer he reminded me to think about a lot of mail.

    So here is a new version where every node maintains its own queue for incoming as well as for outgoing mail. The changes are really quite small. Start with the examples from the last post and apply the following changes. My example here covers the AD version, but the modifications for LDAP were covered in the last article and are quite simple …

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  2. Using Exim with Zarafa

    So 01 April 2012
    By tdk

    Zarafa normaly uses postfix as its MTA. Since I know Exim much better and regard it overall as the better MTA I want to replace postfix with Exim in my installations. This is my take on it.

    First of all set several macros in your exim4.conf. This way your routers and querys will stay much more readable.

    Use this for an Active Directory / OpenLDAP Setup:

    LDAPSERVER = zcpadms01.skynet.private
    ZARAFASERVER = zcpadms01.skynet.private
    ldap_default_servers = LDAPSERVER
    LDAPUSER = cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=samdom,dc=skynet,dc=private
    LDAPPASS = geheim
    LDAPSEARCHBASE = dc=samdom,dc=skynet,dc=private

    If you don't have your users in a directory but use the DB plugin set this:

    MYSQL_SERVER = localhost
    MYSQL_DB = zarafa
    MYSQL_USER = zcpread
    MYSQL_PASS = readonly
    # Query for checking if a Mailaddress belongs to a Zarafa User. Works with ZCP 7.x
    ZARAFA_USER = SELECT DISTINCT value FROM objectproperty \
    WHERE propname = 'emailaddress' …

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