1. Fangoria 2010 - Machine

    Di 07 September 2010
    By tdk


    Und hier nochmal mit Blick hinter die Kulissen:

    Via Martin

    20.10.2010 Update: Ich hatte bei youtube einen Kommentar hinterlassen und habe gerade gesehen, dass die Jungs geantwortet haben.

    Awesome! I would really like to know how much time it took you to create all this.

    It took about 18 months of tinkering in the garage to build it, we've been planning and designing it since way before. There's one top secret bit of kit we had to build first to enable the the machine to travel between scenes. The whole set is only in a normal sized double garage.
    One of the most time consuming bits of the build was the brick walls in old London, each brick hand carved from polystyrene, that might have been a mistake.
    Thanks everyone for the awesome comments

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