Naughty or Nice

Do 28 Februar 2008
By tdk

The company I work for has an english course for us and today we collected idioms. After that we wrote a story where each of us would write one sentence that was supposed to contain one of those idioms. This is our story:

Every now and then my cat feels blue.

Then, just out of the blue, I rip her apart.

So it has to start raining cats and dogs to clean that mess up.

And than I always am between a rock and a hard place: Should I buy a new cat, or should I rock the boat and kill the neighbour~~s cat~~ too?

Rethinking the matter, my place is really spic and span after the rain, so should I really buy a new cat?

After all that cat fun I decided to beat around the bush and talk to the neighbours about their dog!

Well, maybe I should rather talk to my psychiatrist, because I am walking on thin ice.

But I was really in limbo here, because he is already in my fridge.

Once in a while, I feel blue myself...

As you can see there has really been some improvment since I went to school: We had such interesting storys as "O dear, tibby is drinking milk" back then.

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